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Building Intelligent Construction Ltd was established in 2005 in London,  United Kingdom by Spas Andreev, who is the CEO of the company. With more than 19 years of experience, we have become a growing leader in the building and construction industry. 


What does stand behind the idea of the company?


We chose the name of the company owing to our desire to create amazing, high-quality, and well-done building and renovation projects with excellent skills and master techniques. We asked ourselves a question: “What is one of the most important investments during human life?”. The answer came easily. 


It is the Home - the place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, calm, surrounded by beloved people, create positive emotions, a stylish interior according to your preferences, and the place you always come back.


That is how all has started - with a dream!


A dream to help customers find their contractor and master builder, who will manage to create a project according to customer’s desires and needs. We are here with hundreds of professionally finished projects.


Let us share with you some of them:


More than 267 successfully done building projects, over 154 bathroom renovations, beyond 123 kitchen renovations, more than 120 house extensions, and loft renovation projects, over and above 17 office space renovations, 230 and extra more painting, and decoration projects, and further 150 customised projects with individual management by our team. 


Find some of our projects in the Portfolio - Completed Projects Gallery  or on the following link:



The whole building or renovation process is a complex of tiny details, which we pay attention to. When we decided to start our business we were (and still we are*) motivated to provide a high level of communication with customers. Our method of working is focused on constant, proficient, and professional communication between our team and the person, who has chosen us as a trusted building and construction company. We always want to make sure the whole project is perfectly and precisely discussed. However, during the working process, there might be unpredictable circumstances. In these cases, we sit and talk about the situation with the owner. Thanks to the communication skills and our balanced, and experienced method of work, we have managed to create a strong and loyal partnership with customers.


How we communicate and discuss ideas, details, and additional information about the project is a key to the entire success. That’s why, we always spend time sharing know-how, experience, fresh, modern and creative ideas with customers. 

We are executive, ambitious, highly motivated, qualified, precise, constant, creative, and talented. Our qualities and qualifications as builders help us during the process of making your dream true. We have all opportunities to create, construct, build, renovate and design your dream home, office space, or building project. 


In our Services section, you can find more than 13 separate services, plus some Extra Private Services such as: 

  • Customised Project Management System Services 

  • Commercial and Shop fitting Services 

  • Carpentry Services

  • Bespoke Hand made and Machine made furnitures  

  • Painting and Spraying Services

  • Express Handyman Services 

  • Electric Services

  • Plumbing Services 

  • Tilling Services

  • Stone Work Services  

  • On-site visit, and more.

  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning Servises - Doff and Cold Cleaning 

  • Restorations Services 

  • Brick and Re-pointing Services

  • Roofing Services

  • New Build Services

  • Extensions and Loft conversions 

  • All needed work under one management company 


We have been observing for 10 years what customers need and what exact kind of services we should provide in order to satisfy all standards and preferences. Today we are a growing leader thanks to our consciousness and we have a crystal clear goal:


To build your dream building and renovation project with the greatest level of professionalism and master techniques. 


We do our best and even more to provide excellent customer service, a correct attitude with great respect, and perfect final results, according to the deadlines. You can check what our customers say in our Review section because every statement needs an accurate argument. Choosing us as a building company for your project will reflect positively on the quality of the work.




Keep in touch with our team easily and pleasantly by sending us a message via Contact Form on the Welcome Home page. For faster navigation you can use the link below:


Building Intelligent Construction



We are thankful for your visit to our website: We appreciate your time, which you have spent here. We hope it was enjoyable to get to know about our company.


Respectfully yours, 

Spas Andreev

CEO of Building Intelligent Construction Ltd

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